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he told me his name was John Lewis. I told him it was no use his
telling me a falsehood - that I knew his name was Jno Llewellin - He
told me afterwards it was - & afterwards at the Station House he was
christened Jno Lewis Llewellin. I searched him & found on his person
an old pocket book, £8 10 11/2 in money - a watch - a knife & a card,
with the name Jno Llewellin upon it in ink, London July 19, 1832, No.
99, 1832, & entitled The Journeyman Hatters London District, The Bearer
Jno Llewellin is entitled to the benefits of this Society July 19 - In arrears
55s/ - received arrears 1s/ - July 22nd. 1s/ - The prisoner said he was going to
Pembrokeshire to look for a house - he said he was going to leave Ponty
where he admitted he lived. Nothing further took place between
me & the prisoner

John Llewellin's Defence. The Prisoner John Llewellin being called upon for his defence
& duly cautioned voluntarily Saith
Now with respect to those public meetings which I am charged
of having had in my house & of myself of attending with others at
other places it's not my intention to deny, for they all have been public
& no secret at all is encouraged in those meetings, so as far as I have
yet understood. If I had found out any secrets I sho'd immediately
abandon them. Now it appears to me to night that I was chiefly
blamed owing to the existence of those Meetings or those Associations
I was only one single individual myself & with respect to that meetg.
held the 1st Janry 1839 it was not I called it - it was not held on
my premes - Evan Emanuel, a Turner by trade, he hired that field
where the meetg. was held of James Bevan of Pontypool, & he came
& asked me if he sho'd erect part of the hustings agst my wall, which
was in the field. I certainly gave him liberty to do it, so that there
was no injury done to the wall. He found the timber himself and
erected the hustings himself, so I did not consider or thought that
meetings of those kinds were illegal. No one ever told me that they were
illegal - 2 months previous to that or perhaps a little more Lord
Jno Russell
Secretary of State said a public dinner at Liverpool that
public meetings were not only lawful but commendable, for by public




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