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to the 3rd November, I may have seen him, but I did not notice him
afterwards until he was apprehended which was on Tuesday the 19th
instant - he lives near the Independent Chapel at Tredegar I had
not been seeking him or searching his house previous to Tuesday last
- I dont know that the Prisoner belongs to any Society - The Prisoner
mentioned Stow Hill to me.
(Signed) W. W. Homan

John Jenkins Sworn States I am a Publican living at Newport - I know
Benjamin Richards the Prisoner at the Bar - I remember the day of the
Riots here. When the Mob, the Chartists, came to the Westgate Inn I was
standing at Mr Mullocks door - I saw them turning round towards the
Door of the Westgate Inn - there was a man with a sword in his hand
who led them towards the front of the Westgate Inn - I heard firing
and then I ran away towards my house - I saw the Prisoner that day
I saw him standing at my Door - I believe it was about eleven oClock, it may
have been twelve I believe he had a pint of beer at my house - it was about
two hours I suppose after the firing, I am not certain as to the time, I was
so flurried - I asked him what he wanted down here, is it possible that you
came down along with this Mob he said "do you call it Mob" I believe he
said that he did not call it Mob I said, I did, and I went out into the
Street - I cant say that I saw him afterwards, I believe that I did, I am
not certain. He had nothing with him, I cant be positive of the dress
he had on, but I am certain of the person - I had known him 8 or 9 years
before that.
(Signed) John Jenkins

Israel Furmen Sworn Says. I live at Gelly Groes. I saw the Prisoner at the
Bar on Sunday night the 3rd November instant - I dont know his name
but I know his face very familiar - I saw him by Mr Stricklands Machine
- it was as I can recollect between 9 and 10 o'Clock, it was a very wet night
there was a great party down on the Upper Tram road - there are two tram
roads both meet together - the Upper Tram Road and the Lower Tram Road
meet there at Mr Strickland's Machine - I should suppose there was altogether
between 3 and 4,000 they were armed, some with Guns, some with Pikes, some
with Reap Hooks, some with Scythes, some with Mandrels and some with Clubs

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