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Evan Edwards' Case
Ann Spooner States I am the Wife of William Spooner of
Tredegar Iron Works - I know the Prisoner his name is Evan Edwards -
he is a watch and clock maker, he lives in Tredegar, down by the Church,
I remember seeing him on Sunday the 3rd of November, it was some time
in the morning, but I cant tell exactly the time, it was at my back door,
he came there, he asked me if I had got ever a Pistol, I told him I had
not, only one that was out of repair, he asked me please to let him
look at it, I reached it him, He told me he would repair it if I chose,
I dont know if he is in the habit of repairing Pistols, he never repaired
any for me, I never heard of his repairing any, I told him I did not
think he could repair it, he told me he could repair it, and would
return it to me on Monday morning the next day by nine o'Clock - he
took away the Pistol, he did not return it, I have never seen it since,
He asked me if I had got any Bullet Moulds, I told him I had only
got one, a very large one, and it was not the Mould belonging to
that Pistol, he asked me please to let me look at it, I did let him look
at it, he asked me the price of it, I told him that I did not know
the price of it - that my husband did not tell me the price of any
thing of the kind, My husband is a wholesale dealer, he sometimes
sells Pistols, My husband is a wholesale dealer in hardware, which is
Ironware, He sometimes sells Bullet Moulds, but we have not had any
for some time, excepting that one, he took away the Bullet Mould, I
have not seen it since, no one sent that pistol down to the prisoner's house
the night before to be repaired - The Mould now produced is very similar
to the Mould the prisoner took from my house, that Mould was numbered
10 and so is this - I have no doubt about it, the Pistol now produced
by Mr Homan is the same I gave the prisoner on Sunday night
The mark X of Ann Spooner

William Phillips sworn, I am a Special Constable at Tredegar Iron
, I know Mr Homan the Superintendent of Police at Tredegar - I
know the prisoner at the Bar, he is a Clock and Watch Maker, I was
directed by Mr Homan on Sunday the 3rd November to go to the prisoner's
house, I went there between twelve and one o'Clock on Sunday night, I




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