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hear them say where they should begin first when they got to Newport
I don't know Edward Edmunds the Son of William Edmunds of the
- I dont think I should know him if I was to see
him - I believe he has been to our house once or twice - my
Sister Catherine and my Mother were at home that night - My
father was at home - he was gone to Bed - My Brother was at
home - my sister and my mother went down into the Cellar very
soon after the Men came in - I went into a small room upstairs
I know the person they call Furman they call him a Quack
Doctor and old Conjuror and a fortune teller he was there - I
mean to say as I don't know Edward Edmunds the Son of
William Edmunds of the Greyhound - I am sure I don't know
him if I was to see him - I can't say as I have ever seen
the Prisoner before and swear to it - I am sure I can't say
as he is the Son of William Edmunds - I saw Edwd Edmunds
once pass our house I am sure of that - my Sister then told
me so - the Men went away at 7 in the Morning - I can't say
which way they went for I was in the Cellar - I did not see
any weapons in Furmen's hands but he asked me for a fork to
turn his Pistols with - I did not give him a fork - I believe
my Brother Henry Charles is here.
Mary Charles

Henry Charles Sworn Says I am the Son of Henry
of the Welsh Oak I don't know
Edward Edmunds, the Son of Wm. Edmunds of the Greyhound I don't
know the Prisoner at the Bar - I never saw him before - I was at home
on Sunday night the 3rd. November the People filled up the House
that Night - they were armed - I know a man of the name of
Furmen a Quack Doctor by sight, I believe he lives at Blackwood,
I have lived about 20 years at the Welsh Oak, and Pontyminster, and
in the Neighbourhood, the Greyhound is at Blackwood I have never
been in that House I am a Quarry Man by Trade I should
know some of the Men that were in our house that Night,
I know Furmen the Quack Doctor - he was there, I did not
see the Prisoner there, I don't know the Prisoner, I have said

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