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after he had fired the first time - I saw him fire again - he then
fired into the lower Window of the Westgate where the Soldiers were, the
charge took the side wall, there is a piece of the plastering off where the
charge struck - He then ran down the pavement by Mr Hambly's house
down Commercial Street - He had the Gun in his hand while he was
so running the Soldiers had fired because I saw him running away, there
was 2 or 3 lying dead then when I saw him running - the Prisoner
appeared to be as active as others that were in the Mob - that man
was about the height and appearance of the Prisoner at the Bar - I do
believe the Prisoner at the Bar is the same man I saw then - I should
be better satisfied if I saw him in the same dress he had then
on - It is my opinion the Prisoner is the same man - I should take
it to be between 9 and 10 o'Clock when I saw him he came out from
the Westgate Yard where I saw him first there is a little door
in the large door for foot passengers, I believe he came out of the
Little Door - If persons getting into the Westgate Inn wishing to
make their escape, they would get out through those Gates there is
but one other way as I do know of for them to get out - it was
after he came from that door, that he fired - when he fired I was
in the upper Room of my house at about 20 yards distance
from him I did not see more than one man in the Crowd with
a wooden Leg - I have looked at the Prisoner cautiously. as I have said
before I should be better satisfied if I was to see him in the clothes
he then had on - looking at his features I have no doubt that he is the
same man, he had on a round top black hat something like
what they commonly call a Jim Crow Hat - Having looked at
the Prisoner again I believe he is the man the brim of the Hat did
not turn up so much as the Jim Crow Hats generally do

Daniel Evans

Samuel Williams Sworn Says I live at Pill Gwenlly in the Borough
of Newport - I was in the front of the Westgate Inn until I heard
a Hurra coming down Stow Hill I then went up into the Stable going
up Stow Hill - the Stable belongs to the Westgate Inn and looks
into Stow Hill - I broke two panes of Glass in the window for the
purpose of seeing the Mob coming down the Hill - I saw the

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