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him about five o Clock in the morning. I was near the Station
I perceived a great many persons going down the Canal
Bank - I was standing near St. James's Chapel - it was then
near six o Clock - I saw the Prisoner going along - I was at
the Southern side of the Station House - I noticed the Prisoner
because he ordered his party to keep the other side from the Station
at that time there were fourteen or sixteen persons with
the Prisoner - I had seen him before and was well acquainted
with his person - I have seen him three times at Chartist meetings -
and I have not the least doubt that he is the person that I
supposed him to be - I went up to him and felt for arms
about his person - I enquired where he was going - he said he
did not know where he was going. I told him to go back home
until he knew where he was going - I asked him if he
had any arms - he said no, he had on the same coat
that he has on now - he had in his pocket piece of
iron like half a Bayonet, about a foot long - I did not
take it from him they were fourteen to one and I did
not think it prudent to attempt to take it from him I
saw him again on Tuesday last(n) up Stairs in the Westgate
I am not quite certain it was Tuesday I saw him
in this house - since I saw him at Pontypool he was in the
room where the Prisoners are confined it was between twelve &
two about the middle of the day I did not count how
many was along with him I did not count them I had
heard that there were several persons in Custody from the
neighbourhood of Pontypool and was sent for to see whether
I could recognize the persons of any of them, and I was taken
up into the room to look at them.
David Jones

Solomon Britan's Defence. The Prisoner being called upon for his defence, and being
duly cautioned states as follows - I was in bed at the time that these
Evidences say that I was at Pontypool I arose at 8 o clock on Monday

54 [encircled]

[In left margin]:

(n) 5th. Nov.r




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