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could not hear the noise on the outside - As near as I
can recollect it was about 7 o'Clock when the people left
our House it was a very wet night when they set off
they said they were going down to Newport - there was
no Lodge held on the Sunday night as I do know -
they did go to the Lodge Room - they left at seven o'Clock
that night to go to Newport, a week last Tuesday night
I saw Zephaniah Williams at the Lodge - I saw Jones
there the
same night - I know a Man they call Dr.
- I never saw him at the Lodge - We were afraid
to say any thing to the Colliers about Chartism I was
never upstairs with them in the Room - I don't know
whether my Husband subscribed - He was going upstairs
to them sometimes - Nobody told me they were going to
Newport to get the Charter - I don't know what their
meaning was - there were 2 regular Lodges held the
week before last, and on the Sunday - they went into the
Room where the Lodge was usually held.
The mark of x Sarah Edmunds

[In left margin] Zephaniah Williams




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