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- I thrust from me with my hand - I requested they would
not fire, that I would return as soon as I could get out
of the ditch - they threatened me with instant death if I did
not - the one who seemed to have the command jumped -
over the Hedges after me - we then proceeded guarded as -
before, and we were ordered into a Stable, and a Guard of
Pikemen placed over us - One Man, who was unarmed, and
appeared more friendly than the rest, I asked to remove me
from that place (as I was wet) to the Tollhouse on the
Pontypool Road
, which they did, and I was taken into
the Bed Room of the Toll-keeper, who knew me - the Toll-
was open, and full of Men - I requested of a Toll-
Keeper, who knew me, the loan of a pair of Stockings,
which he gave me - I then went up Stairs having appealed
to the Man then having me in charge to be permitted to do
so, to put on the Stockings - I looked at my Watch about
that time - it was two o'Clock - one of the Men with a -
drawn Sword went up Stairs with me, and stood over me
while I was changing my Stockings - I was ordered down
Stairs, and remained in the Room, we were in first, for
about three quarters of an hour - The orders were again given
to take the Prisoner Men up Stairs - we were again taken
up Stairs I know of no other Prisoner than Watkins and
myself - there was a Box and some old Clothes up Stairs,
with which I formed a pillow and fell asleep - In about
half an hour, we were again ordered down Stairs and to
march with them - we were previously told that if we
attempted to escape, we should have our brains blown
out - we went across a Road over a Bridge up a Lane
which was very wet and dirty - we were then guarded as
before - the same Man walking by my side all the way
with a Pistol - we halted in the Lane several times - once
or twice we were ordered back - I had my Shoes down at
heel - my feet were swollen and I could not get my
Shoes up - I did not know where we were until I came
to the Cefn, where there is a Beer House, which we

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