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and Richard Benfield - I heard some one say shut the door - I
walked over 3 dead bodies to shut the door - I found one dead man
at the door I could not shut the door because his arm was between
the door and the frame - I did not see the two prisoners come in
with the others there was such a rush I could not see who got in
- when I had shut the door I turned round I saw the two prisoners
in the house one standing up by the safe in the passage and the other
standing in a corner they were trying to conceal themselves - One had a
spear in his hand and other one near him, they were long sticks
with instruments in the top of them - I think it was the prisoner Rees
had the spear in his hand, whether the other had a spear in his
hand or not I am not sure but it was standing near him I asked
them what they wanted there and with that the Officer Mr Grey
came up with his sword drawn and I said here are two I took them
into custody and took them into the large room where the Soldiers were
and left them there - I did not keep the spears there were a great
many others and I left them go with the others - The prisoners were
not in the house before the outbreak occurred - I am quite sure of that
- they said nothing they did not attempt to excuse themselves for being
there I have not the least doubt that they were part of the Rioters
that came in
Isaac Ven

Isaac Ven further examined I found prisoners in the passage as I
mentioned before I mean the entrance Hall with their back towards
the bar I told them both they were my prisoners I said come this way
and they came immediately - they turned to the right and went
before me I then went away from them, the Officer gave me no
answer when I spoke to him - I afterward saw the prisoners go
into the large room where the soldiers were, they might have gone into
the other room after I spoke to the Officer
Isaac Ven

The prisoner Richard Benfield being called upon for his defence
and duly cautioned says I have nothing to say against this.
Richard Benfield

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