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[top right hand margin:-] 19
Chartists are not all dead yet - Mr Morgan the son of Mr Morgan
of the Machine was present and might have heard what was
said the Prisoner was the only person whom I saw in the mob
that I know
[on right hand side of the page:-] Edmund Williams

Francis Morgan - Sworn States - I keep the Machine at Court y Bella
and live there - I was there on Monday Morning last I saw a
large number of persons on that morning they appeared to me to be
coming from the Waterloo I thought they were all armed with Guns
note in left hand margin:- Lovell
pikes and various weapons that I never saw before - I know John
that prisoner I have been in the habit of seeing Lovell about
daily for some time past and I could not have been mistaken
in his person I can't say whether he carried a Gun I was so
much terrified I recollect the Prisoner speaking to me he said "is the
Chartists all dead my boy what do you think of us now" I
made no reply and the prisoner passed on he never stood they did
not attempt to press me - I was in the habit of saying to the
prisoner when I saw him how are the Chartists going on now
and the prisoner was used to say "very well"
on right hand side of the page:-] Francis Morgan

Susan Stephens - Sworn Says - I keep the Six Bells public House</place>
at Stow I was at home on Monday morning last I remember
to have seen a large number of persons passing by my house
most of those persons were armed I know John Lovell I should
know him if I was to see him now. I see him now
here I saw him on that day with a Gun in his hand
note in left hand margin:- Lovell
he was with the Mob, the distance from Court y Bella
machine</place> to my house by the Friars is not very far any
persons coming from the Waterloo towards Newport would
not come by my house unless they had particular business that
way I suppose it was after 9 o'Clock in the morning about
breakfast time.
[on right hand side of the page:- The mark X of Susan Stephens

[centre bottom margin:- ]17



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