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The undernamed Prisoners together with another Zephaniah
, the Depositions respecting whom being only just received
do not form part of these, have been selected as those who
are to be included in an Indictment for High Treason, viz.'

John Frost John Rees 3 Solomon Britan
Charles Walters George Turner William Jones
John Lovell Edward Edmunds James Aust
Richard Benfield Jenkin Morgan

[there are three columns hereafter on this page:- ]
Column 1 - Prisoners Names
Column 2 - Principal Witnesses against the Prisoner
Column 3 - Pages

Prisoners Names
John Frost
Principal Witnesses against the Prisoner/Pages
Matthew Williams 1 p.7.
John Rees 3 10
Ja[me]s.Coles al[ias] Farmer 3 10
Thomas Bevan Oliver 4 10
Samuel Simmons 5.p.11
Edward Hopkins 6 11.
Thomas Jones Phillips 6 11.
Barnabas Brough 29 7
James Hodge 116 p.9
Israel Furmen 94 p.8.
Morgan James 34 110

Prisoners Names
Zep. Williams [This appears to have been added to the list]

Prisoners Names
Charles Walters
Principal Witnesses against the Prisoner/Pages
Same witnesses as against Frost

Prisoners Names
John Lovell
Principal Witnesses against the Prisoner/Pages
Edmund Williams 16 12.
Francis Morgan 18 12.
Susan Stephens 18 12.
Thomas Dyer 18 12.
Mathew Pembro 19 12
Henry Evans 20 12
Daniel Evans 21 12
William Parfitt Powell 23 13
Thomas Hopkins 86 15

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